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Chapter 70: No Need for Knowing Thy Enemy

Sasami takes a seat and says, "Hello, everyone! I'm Princess Sasami, and Dragonwiles asked me to be the D. J. for this chapter. This time we're playing 'Heros' Comeback', the first opening theme song from 'Naruto: Shippuden.' Dragonwiles of course, does not own the show or song."

The song begins to play, its intensity calling out to the audience.

Ayeka looked at the date on her daily schedule - some days she had been so busy she hadn't even time to do that - and frowned. So much time had gone by, and only now was the easing of the great weight of the chaos Oda had brought. There had been so many things to learn, so many positions to fill, so many people to choose whether or not to trust, so many people who needed judgment, so many families who needed to know whether loved ones had been killed or imprisoned. Ayeka had thought judging the cases of treason would be difficult, but found it harder than she thought, as she attempted to sort out who had aided Oda from those who were simply trying to be as loyal to Jurai as they could when the stars had abruptly changed course on them. Political opponents of accused persons hurling half-truths had not helped a whit.

At long last, those she could trust, to one extent or another, were in the most important positions in the government. Among them was the new of the Minister of Intelligence, Rin Tatsuki, whom Lady Funaho had been kind enough to recommend. Ayeka suspected that the next private meeting with her would contain just as much bad news as the last.

"My queen," Rin said while bowing to Ayeka. Ayeka returned the bow, and both sat. At a nod from Ayeka, Rin began her report:

"Regarding the clandestine meetings in some of our provinces which you asked for continued investigation into, my lady, I present this report. Our agents' investigations have concluded that the meetings were for the purposes of rebellion, and that they were conducted under the auspices of the rebel organization led by Z. Z now has taken control of the rebellious elements of a large swath of star systems. Further, agents and informants have finally confirmed our worst fears - he has successfully established shadow governments in their most established systems, and will support the establishment of them in the worlds where the meetings have taken place."

"Can we block his takeover of the militias of these new systems?" Ayeka inquired. Previous reports had established that official planetary militias were among the elements most firmly held by Z's rebel partnerships. He'd likely want the militias of the systems his organization was now meeting with.

Rin replied, "We may be able to insist on the replacement of high officers likely to support rebellion, but our profiling of the junior officers suggests the majority are prepared to side with Z.

"In addition, my queen, an unrelated probe has brought unexpectedly disturbing results. We traced to a Juraian lord's laboratories some of the imitations of Kagato's crystals used to subdue Lady Tsunami. The lord appears to have given orders to prepare these crystals to make his space tree and those trees partnering with his sons more powerful. However, our agents confirmed that the scientists assigned to this effort were previously assigned to developing weapons and ships used by militias under the control of Z's men, and some are known associates of high-level rebel operatives. Though we believe the rebels haven't the infrastructure to take full advantage of this, I strongly recommend we consider those crystals under enemy control. This concludes my report, my queen."

Ayeka took a moment to let that sink in, then asked, "What are our options for stopping Z?"

"I strongly recommend assassination of Z," Rin answered promptly. "The rebel partnerships have formed largely due to his leadership. Though we believe they are preparing for a massive operation, longstanding feuds and mistrust could hinder or wreck their organization if he is removed."

Her father had so often entrusted Juraian justice to Ayeka that she couldn't conceive of herself ordering an assassination. Especially in her present position, she was not only the public face of justice, but of the Empire itself. Further, in earlier briefings, Rin had described how Z's appeal had increased as he survived assassination attempts resulting from the rebellion's internal power struggles. If he were to survive a Juraian assassination attempt, the rebels would perceive it as an unheard-of victory and follow Z in droves. Further, an assassination attempt, successful or unsuccessful, would be the perfect excuse for Z's group to move to open war.

Ayeka forced herself to consider her advisor's proposition despite her distaste. Rin was now recommending assassination, and had to be just as aware as Ayeka, or more, of those risks. Ayeka was sure justice and prudence called for his death, and the direct means she preferred would therefore leave Z just as dead as assassination - and offer his followers just as much of a rationale for open war, assuming they survived the blow that struck down Z.

"Your recommendation is noted, Lady Rin," Ayeka assured her.

Rin nodded and continued, "Our investigations into methods of discrediting him have borne no fruit, Your Highness. We have learned of no vices or indiscretions, or contradictory political positions in the past. His battle experience in his homeworld's militia is part of his reputation for strength. Even if our suspicions about some incidents in his later career are correct, those truths would make those inclined to rebellion even more enamored with Z's service record. Finally, bribery and negotiation are unlikely to produce effective results, as he has rebuffed all covert overtures. I have considered spreading the claim that he has begun negotiations with us, to anger his most hard-line followers, but he has too much credibility at the moment."

Ayeka considered the matter for another long moment. "For the good of the empire, he must die," she finally pronounced. "I authorize and commission the assassination of the rebel Z, and take full responsibility for it."

"Yes, Your Highness," Rin acknowledged.

"Tenchi, hello!" Sasami called. He turned around and found her and Kamadaki (the Juraian, not the robot named after him) heading along the path towards the house. "Hi!" he called, holding his messenger bag laden with college textbooks behind his head. He waited for her, and they approached the house together.

In the years since the return from Jurai, Sasami had been able to visit relatively often. It wasn't anything like what it had used to be, but she'd be able to stay a few days or weeks, and would then be gone for a few weeks. Sasami and the fleshly versions of Azaka or Kamadaki were the most frequent infrequent visitors they had. Occasionally they got a bit of news from the others; this usually amounted to a recorded message from Mihoshi or Kiyone that would appear and play on the Galactic TV.

"How long can you stay this time?" Tenchi asked.

"Probably only a day," Sasami sighed. "I was hoping to make it two, but my last stop took longer than expected, and I'm due in Zentos day after tomorrow - you remember, it's another planet nearby."

"I remember, you told me," Tenchi said. "Too bad, but it's just as well. I'll have to hit the books for a test. There's so much effort to put in!"

"Why don't I help you study?" Sasami offered.

It struck Tenchi, more forcefully than usual, not only was Sasami growing taller and more mature, but that she was growing to look more like Tsunami's human self, the one he'd seen aboard...well, aboard Tsunami. He supposed that made sense, since they were assimilated.

"Are you sure?" Tenchi asked. "That seems kinda awful to force on you - it's not your schooling."

"Why, do you think I don't know enough to help?" she asked playfully.

He grinned, "Space animals, I grant you, but this test isn't on space animals, it's on Earth vegetables. I think even you would be mystified by a rutabaga."

"It just so happens I got to hear about it on an Earth cooking show," she replied primly. "Once it gets in my kitchen, it's powerless."

"I don't think the kitchen is supposed to be that scary," laughed Tenchi.

Azaka snorted softly, his face turned away.

"And why not?" Sasami asked in mock indignation. "There's probably more blades in there than in an armory."

Azaka appeared to be developing a nasty cough.

The battle of wits came to an unexpected end as Tenchi's space tree key grew warm. When the GP officers replacing Mihoshi and Kiyone had arrived, they'd come to pay him their respects (their low bows were unexpectedly discomfiting) and to tell him that, per Queen Ayeka's orders, friendly visitors to the protected zone of Earth and its environs would be allowed. Requests for such visits would be relayed to them, then to him through the rooted space trees Funaho and Ryu-Oh. Tenchi grasped his key and asked the trees who was requesting a visit. The answer was so surprising that he stopped short.

"What is it, Lord Tenchi?" Azaka asked.

"It's Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki, Washu, and Nagi and Ken-Ohki!" Tenchi exclaimed. "They're all coming to visit right now!"

"Lucky!" Sasami cheered. "Almost everyone!"

Ryo-Ohki, Washu, Nagi, Ken-Ohki, and Ryo-Ohki, the latter two in humanoid form. stepped off the porch and into the Masakis' home.

"Welcome, welcome!" Tenchi's dad told them.

"It's good to see you," Tenchi added. "It's been too long." Now that he thought about it, it wasn't simply that it felt like years since he'd last seen them - it actually had been years.

"Thanks," Nagi acknowledged.

"We brought a bit of a surprise," Washu said with an interesting grin.

Tenchi tried to stay nonchalant. "What kind of surprise?" Come to think of it, he had noticed that Ryo-Ohki was carrying something.

Ryo-Ohki came to Tenchi and held out the thing she had been carrying, saying, "This is the surprise, Tenchi! Please, hold it a moment."

"OK," Tenchi agreed. It looked a bit familiar: it was a dark ball, almost the size of a soccer ball. Ryo-Ohki was grinning, and both she and Ken-Ohki were staying very close to the object. "Wait a minute!" Tenchi exclaimed as Sasami excitedly asked, "Is that what I think it is?"

"Mm-hmm!" Ryo-Ohki confirmed, now positively beaming.

"Hooray! May I please hold it?" Sasami asked eagerly. The proud parents had no objections, so Tenchi handed it to Sasami, who was seated on the couch.

Ryoko noted triumphantly, "See, we made it in time after all."

A rabbit-like foot broke the egg from the inside. Sasami cried, "So cute!" In short order, the rest of the egg was broken through, and a small cabbit looked up at the small crowd and made a tiny cry of, "Meow meow!"

"Congratulations!" Tenchi said as Ryo-Ohki lifted the cabbit off of Sasami's lap and nuzzled it against her cheek.

"Thank you," Ken-Ohki acknowledged, before taking the cabbit from Ryo-Ohki, his stoic face being replaced by a sense of wonder as he locked eyes with his offspring.

Washu demanded, "Come on, hand the little one around!"

Ryoko rolled her eyes and noted, "Mom, he is their baby. Can they not get to have the first few minutes of life with him?"

"Grandma wants to hold the baby!" Washu insisted.

"You're not his grandmother," Ryoko explained tiredly.

Later, Tenchi had removed, with his father and Nobuyuki and Ken-Ohki, out to the porch -the others were still inside admiring the newborn. Nobuyuki said to Ken-Ohki, "This is quite a bit of a surprise!" He grinned and astonished Tenchi by elbowing Ken-Ohki's humanoid ribs (well, this was his dad, it wasn't that astonishing) and saying, "You sly dog, you!"

Ken-Ohki merely grimaced - good humor, for him - before responding, "Hm. We had considered returning to civilized space for the wedding, but if the queen had felt obliged to make it an affair of state, Ryoko and Washu would've felt obliged to make mischief, and it would've spiraled downward from there."

Tenchi nodded knowingly.

"However, when the new life came along, it simply made sense to share this moment with friends," Ken-Ohki concluded.

Thinking about that, Tenchi looked back through the glass door into the house, where the newborn was the somewhat-witting center of attention still.

"I don't want it to be like we're stealing your kid," Tenchi said to Ken-Ohki.

Ken-Ohki shook his head. "I am informed by reliable sources that in daily living I will see much more of him than might I wish."

Some birds flew over the setting sun.

"I do, of course, wish to see him during that daily living," he clarified. "But I can feel his mind just fine from here." He regarded a jumping fish and commented, "There's not much in his mind at this point, anyway."

The turtle-octopi squelched in the mud of the shallows of the lake.

"That will change in time," Ken-Ohki added to his earlier statement.

"You bet it will!" Nobuyuki chortled. "What's his name? Did you and Ryp-Ohki have any picked?"

The sliding door opened behind them, and Ryoko, with the newborn in her cupped hands, strode out, saying, "We came thousands of light-years so you folks could see the baby, so you're going to see the baby."

"Oh, sorry," Tenchi said nervously.

"Got you good, didn't I," Ryoko chuckled as she deposited the cabbit into his unexpecting hands. "I broke up the crowd by saying the baby needed fresh air." Tenchi's grip on the newborn finally secure, his brain caught up with her words, and he allowed himself to feel relieved. The newborn blinked at Tenchi, who smiled back and petted it, while Ryoko sat down nearby.

Ken-Ohki refocused his eyes from his son to Tenchi and intoned, "Tenchi, we wanted you to see the birth of our child, but there is another reason why we came. Would you allow Ryo-Ohki and our son to stay at your house until our return?"

Tenchi was surprised about several things in that statement, but managed to get out one: "Washu isn't staying?"

Ryoko said seriously, "She wanted to, bad, but she says that she has to tackle this problem. I'm adding my request to Ken-Ohki's, Tenchi."

Tenchi glanced down again at the newborn. "This guy's only a few hours old. Unless she's a girl. Anyway, can't you all stay longer? What's going on, anyway?"

He looked up at the expressions confronting him and almost backed down, but the memories he wished he could forget, of tears mingled with fallen snow, made him insist, "I get it, but this little guy is important, too."

After a moment his dad added, "Unless that little guy is a little girl!"

Ken-Ohki sighed and supplied, "He is my son, and his name will be Zen-Ohki, if you really cannot stand not knowing. I hear and understand your words, Tenchi, and must nevertheless ask if you would be our substitute for a time. Zen-Ohki is among the things I want to protect, and so I must depart."

"It has to be that way sometimes," Nobuyuki sighed.

"Yeah," Tenchi acknowledged. "Still, we need to give Zen-Ohki at least one good memory with everyone."

"Alright," Ryoko said with a wicked grin, "so I'll haul him and Ken-Ohki and Washu up in the air half-a-kilometer or so-"

"Not that kind of memory!" Tenchi insisted.

"I'd catch them!" Ryoko insisted.

But Ken-Ohki had already taken Zen-Ohki out of his hands. "Maybe he'd enjoy it," Ken-Ohki pointed out, deadpan, just before Ryoko hoisted him and his child into the air.

In the kitchen, Washu began muttering darkly about space battleships' ideas of fun.

"Now, now," Ryo-Ohki cajoled, "it's like you don't even trust your own daughter!"

Ken-Ohki was beaming as his son meowed enthusiastically for quite some time after their landing.

"You've made your point, and your memory," Tenchi grudgingly conceded. Ryoko nodded pertly. "But what is so important that you have to leave now?"

Ryoko sighed, "You're always being the hero, Tenchi. Relax for a change."

Before Tenchi could huff, Ken-Ohki said seriously, "Washu has something that she feels she must take responsibility for. She wants to see things with her own eyes, then act. It was quite a struggle to convince her to allow Ryoko and I to accompany her. Washu would tell you more herself if she were at liberty, but she is not."

Tenchi sighed. Of all the times for Washu to feel not at liberty to do something, it would be now.

"We'll look after them," he finally said, looking Ken-Ohki in the eye. Nobuyuki chimed in cheerily, "On the condition that all of you do your best to come back intact and take them off our hands!"

Ken-Ohki nodded just as they were called to supper.

Rin appeared to be walking more stiffly as she entered next scheduled meeting with Queen Ayeka. "My queen," she said, "I regret to inform you that the mission to assassinate Z has failed. I take full responsibility." She crouched and bowed.

"Arise, Lady Rin," Ayeka instructed, dismayed. "Are there any details as yet?"

"The Intelligence bureau received the severed heads of the assassins this morning, in a shipment originating from the world where they intended to kill Z," Rin informed her with a too-level voice as Ayeka took her turn to stiffen. "Shortly afterward, the Juraian government received a transmission from Z himself, requesting a type of negotiation peculiar to his people, between himself and Your Majesty. The message was careful to use several methods demonstrating that he is currently alive and unharmed." Her level tone here broke into bitterness.

Ayeka commanded from herself a deep breath. "Can we dispatch any other assassins? Use another type of plot?"

"The original team had my full confidence, my queen," Rin said, with a regained neutral tone, but at a slow pace. "We have no one who is their equal." Rin's knuckles were white.

Considering carefully, Ayeka was almost ready to develop further plans, or to order Rin to begin a military assessment program for fleet action in the area Z held, but Rin's abnormal stillness and rigidity caught her attention. "Lady Rin, I intend to remember Z's actions in future dealings with him. This is a grave loss for the bureau, and for you; please accept my condolences." A sudden, horrible thought surfaced, but Ayeka tried to keep her tone as professional as Rin kept hers. "Did they have families?"

Rin looked up in surprise, then quickly lowered her eyes and admitted, "My lady, after carrying out any orders you may choose to give, I must inform their son that I am now his guardian."

It was with a curious feeling of speaking underwater that Ayeka replied, "Direct the bureau to find out whatever they can from the shipment and transmission Z made. We shall not forget the struggles of our subordinates. When you see the child, convey our condolences to him. You are dismissed with our best thoughts, Lady Rin."

"My queen," Rin replied, bowing again from her crouch, then added, "Thank you, deeply. I shall convey your feelings to him." With another bow, Rin left the room, a bit of moisture glistening on her cheek.

Ayeka returned to her seat. At times, she remembered a moment during the retaking of Jurai, when a Juraian attacker leaped at her, then was intercepted by Mushima. She could still see them dying together, while Yume, Mushima's maker, and Hishima, stood at her side, watching in horror and anger. Now her mind's eye could add this husband and wife assassination team lying lifeless before her, with their as-yet faceless son taking his place beside her. How many deaths would there be for her sake? How many could she have prevented? Would they have died if Father had still been king?

She clenched her fists. For the sake of the Empire, she had to save the people who were alive now. For the thousandth time, she had to leave that scene of grief and take action. Ayeka only hoped it would be the right action.

Z re-examined the report on Prince Tenchi and his companions. He was glad he had the foresight to order it from black market contacts all those years ago, before the prince's latest exploits had driven up the price. Though that meant this report only had sections on his defeat of Kagato, it was still invaluable information.

His comrades clearly did not share his view, as they were instead trading depressed glances or reading sections of the same report with everything from alarm to open disbelief.

"Sir Z," his lieutenant, Tarkon, asked boldly but respectfully, "how confident are you in the accuracy of this information?" Those with skeptical expressions were clearly relieved that the subject had been broached.

Z replied, "The same information broker provided us with some of the most useful and accurate information we have used. I was personally assured by the chief broker that this was originally a joint report from two Galactic Police officers personally known to Tenchi, one of whom participated directly in the final action against Kagato. I am aware that this contradicts official GP statements that they killed the super criminal in a large-scale confrontation - but after Oda put the GP and other Juraian mouthpieces to bold-faced lies, even the general public knows what we always have. The Juraians and their dupes will lie when it suits their interests."

One of the senior members of the cadre, Lo-Folot, spoke from his seat and said, "Sir Z, I would almost wish that this report was false. Putting this together with what we can reasonably conclude occurred during Oda's defeat, Prince Tenchi seems nearly unbeatable."

Almost effortlessly, Z kept the elation that stirred in his heart from changing his dispassionate expression or clouding his thoughts. Only a few years ago, the statement or thought would've been that Jurai was unbeatable. Oda's usurpation, and Z's consistency about pointing out how that and other events and policies and people illustrated the weakness and corruption of the Juraians, was now finally beginning to bring hope to the cause. Lo-Folot had just unconsciously proven that at last, in the minds of his comrades, the Juraians were no longer the monolithic force that had enslaved their various homeworlds - they were beings who could and would be defeated, if someone would only lead the way.

"Formidable in battle," Z responded aloud, "I will not deny that. However, like anyone else, he cannot be formidable in battle all the time. Food, shelter, friends - these he still needs, for Prince Tenchi is still a single being. I have the power to match his, and I will lend you my strength, even if it comes to single combat, so if you lend me your strength, we can achieve our goals."

That seemed to steady them. Taking the time to bring the report to his inner circle before bringing it to the meeting hall was clearly paying off.

Kiyone strode briskly down the hallway. She was glad she had made time to see Queen Ayeka's address to GP HQ, but it was too bad it had to be so short and impersonal. Still, the Queen had been trying to address thousands of people at once, so it couldn't be helped.

Now it was time to collect Mihoshi so they'd be in time for their meeting with with the new Juraian intelligence officer. The old one had perished during one of the minor battles that had occurred throughout the Empire as some of Oda's more loyal supporters and some of Ayeka's more loyal supporters clashed. Kiyone didn't miss him, hadn't been happy to learn of his death, and was now left only with a vague hope that the replacement would be at least somewhat better. She wanted to care more, but most of her emotional resources had to be spent on coping with the losses of actual comrades in similar situations, and with adjusting to her new role as Inspector.

The two signaled for entry at the door to the Juraian intelligence officer's room, and he admitted them. Kiyone stared in shock while Mihoshi squealed. The intelligence officer was there, but sitting in the center of the room, flanked by two bodyguards, was Queen Ayeka. With an understanding smile, the officer said, "I shall turn the meeting over to Her Highness." He bowed to her, as did Kiyone and Mihoshi, and Queen Ayeka returned it.

"I must apologize for this unusual method of finally getting to meet with you both after so long," the queen apologized handsomely.

"Not at all, Your Majesty," Kiyone demurred.

"We're just so happy to see you, Your Highness!" Mihoshi cheered.

"And I you," Queen Ayeka said warmly. "Please, be seated. I understand you have both been doing the Galactic Police proud since last we met."

"The last case was pretty tough, but we pulled it off somehow, Your Highness!" Mihoshi cheerfully agreed as she and Kiyone were seated facing her. Kiyone managed to restrain herself from shouting at Mihoshi and instead had an odd look on her face.

By this time, of course, Ayeka could take such things in stride. "As I would expect. Though I would enjoy hearing more, I must explain this clandestine style of meeting. I come to ask you both a favor of great sensitivity that will require both discretion and courage."

Out of habit, Kiyone was about to protest, but when she really thought about it, Mihoshi actually was surprisingly good at keeping her mouth shut, especially when specifically requested by Ayeka. For example, when Ayeka as a princess had asked that they not report her presence when she entered the restricted zone to search for her brother all those years ago, Mihoshi had managed not to blab.

Ayeka continued, "Perhaps you have heard mention of stirrings in the provinces. A mysterious figure named Z is forging a deceptively tight confederation of rebellious elements. Our intelligence assets and other agents are considering ways to address the problem, but there is one aspect in which I feel that your skills may be of particular use.

"Part of his appeal to the rebellion is that Z claims that he has been somehow been chosen by a being called Lady Tokimi, whom he claims has great power. Our reports indicate that Z has survived multiple assassination attempts, and some witnesses claim he exhibited fantastic powers to overcome them. In particular, and I must ask that this not leave this room-" she looked briefly at her bodyguards and the intelligence officer and Mihoshi and Kiyone, who all nodded, "these eyewitnesses claimed that Z manifested phenomena very similar to Prince Tenchi's Light-Hawk Wings."

After a quiet moment, Queen Ayeka continued, "As you can imagine, this adds a troubling aspect to the whole situation. It is why I request that you, Inspectors Mihoshi and Kiyone, be given the investigation into whether Lady Tokimi truly exists, whom she is if she does exist, the nature of her bond with Z, and what powers it grants him. As you may imagine, this will be highly confidential, and, though I do not wish you to take unnecessary risks, potentially extremely dangerous. I highly advise against an attempt at direct engagement with Z. However, if we do not learn more about him and what he can do, we may not have the power to stop a catastrophe."

"We'll do our best, Your Highness!" Mihoshi said in a sober tone.

"We're honored by your trust, Your Highness," Kiyone agreed.

The queen smiled. "I am honored by your devotion. Your supervisor has agreed to make this your next assignment, though of course, it will be entirely confidential. Sadly, I do not know whether I will be able to visit in person in the near future. Therefore, I ask that you deliver any communications to our trusted intelligence liaison here," she nodded to the officer in question. "He will ensure that they are securely routed and acted upon according to our wishes. I must depart too soon for my tastes, but I may I answer any questions you have at this time?"

"Um, nah," Mihoshi shook her head, "We just find out the ties this crook has to his boss! Makes sense to me!"

Kiyone kept from rolling her eyes by locking them on Ayeka's.

"Very well, then," Ayeka said with a smile. "Please be careful. I must take my leave now."

They said their goodbyes and went on their separate ways.

"Things sure move fast when you're a queen," Mihoshi noted a little later to Kiyone.

"A little too fast for everyone, I imagine," Kiyone replied thoughtfully.

Next Chapter

"It's time for the good guys to get to work!" Mihoshi says enthusiastically.

"Let me know when they get started," Ryoko says mischievously.

"Yeah, not till next chapter, at least," Mihoshi suddenly agrees, lying down on the stage for a nap.

"OK," Ryoko sighs. "In the next chapter, Kiyone discovers a connection in the past between an old villain and a new, while Tenchi is recruited for a dangerous mission. The next chapter is 'No Need for Past and Future'."

Continuity With Dragonwiles

Dragonwiles reposes in state in the library of his lair. Looking up from his book, he greets, "Welcome to this special segment, in which I give a few brief continuity notes.

"Most of the characters introduced in this chapter, like the new minister of intelligence, Rin Tatsuki, and Z's men Tarkon and Lo-Folot, don't appear in any Tenchi canon. I've made them up, somewhat based on characters from other anime, or various books.

"Z's evil schemes as described in the third OVA are very, very different from what I'll be presenting here, as is probably already clear, and so there is likely to be no correlation. In fact, I didn't even watch most of the third OVA, so it'll get harder and harder for me to know what is different between my story and the third OVA. In any case, I hope you continue to enjoy the story."

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